Sebastian Arndt is a relational art media artist, actor, and theater and circus trainer. Following his involvement in numerous theater and circus productions and years of educational work in these fields, he has transitioned to the realm of interactive artworks, drawing inspiration from the concept of « Relational Art. »

After experiencing the dynamics of being on stage in front of a passive audience, he increasingly valued the idea of reversing these roles. The notion of shifting the dynamics between the public and the actor became a central theme in his work.

Since 2010, Sebastian Arndt has been engaged in various projects, each in a state of continuous development:

  • « ARTPHONE PROJECT » (since 2010): Focused on exploring diverse applications of ARTPHONES.
  • « Kamasutra Contest » (since 2014).
  • « The Tiniest Cabaret of the World » (since 2016).
    actualised in 2020

His projects are driven by the principles of immediacy, participation, and usability. The choice of materials incorporates unconscious triggers, encouraging users to interact and become active participants. Vintage telephones evoke memories, while old computers like the French Minitels prompt users to (re)discover their updated functions. The deliberate avoidance of inhibitions creates a space for creativity to flourish.